AYC History

Nikan Ote Okimawuk ~ Tomorrow’s Leaders

The first AWN Aboriginal Youth Council was developed in 2003. The council based themselves out of the upstairs of the AWN building and they became a thriving and impactful council. Members of the first council included: Charlie McDonald, Alyssa McDonald, Stevie Snider, Jamie Snider, Bonnie MacPhee, Bella Karakuntie and Norma Karakuntie.

In 2005, a new Aboriginal Youth Council was elected. This council existed for two years and consisted of the following members: Stevie Snider, Matthew Delorme, Tyler Hallock, Ayla Modeste, Corey McDonald, Lauren Moberly, and Jenny McDonald.

The youth council was disbanded until 2009. Members of the 2009 AYC consisted of: Sammy Moberly, Chase Moberly, Steven Moberly, Santina Delorme, Emerice Hallock, Haiden Moberly, Angeline Hallock, Darwin Moberly, Darnell Moberly, Laurie Moberly, Jessica MacDonald, John MacPhee, Darren Wanyandie, and Nathan Moberly.

Then in 2013, the AYC was revived. The new council is looking towards 2014 with many goals in mind under the leadership of Jamie Campbell and with the support of Josh McAlpine and Jaeda Feddema. The 2013/2014 AYC members are: John MacPhee, Aaron McDonald, Hannah, McDonald, Brent McDonald, Justin Wanyandie, Bailey Wanyandie, and Davita Friedland. The current youth council helped to put on the 2013 Red Road Gala where they raised funds to support the council.

Our Philosophies

Working together for greater stability and health, but encouraging independence

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