Cultural Education

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Backcountry Course

Community members in Grades 10-12 took part of 3 credit Cultural Education Backcountry course from January to June 2014. Students learned a variety skills including: trapping, horse packing, horsemanship, and back country skills. The course concluded with a three day pack trip into Willmore Wilderness Park where the students were able to put to use the skills they had learned. Curtis Hallock of Indian Trails Adventures was an instructor and the outfitter for this course.

Youth Trail Rides

During the summer of 2014 community youth participated in a series of three different horsemanship lessons which included a two hour trail ride into the backcountry. The youth absolutely loved being on horseback in the backcountry and were asking for more opportunities to ride. Curtis Hallock of Indian Trails Adventures was the outfitter for these sessions.

Curriculum Development

A complete Grade 3 Science unit, Building with a Variety of Materials, was developed with Aboriginal perspectives infused into each lesson. Students worked on a series of 10 lessons that focused on tipi teachings, building tipis, making tipis encampments, building drying racks, cooking pots, moss bags, traditional baby swings, and stretching racks. The unit was used at Susa Creek School and it turned out be a very successful project with positive feedback from students and parents. 

Traditional Clothing & Fashion Shows

AWN held a number of traditional clothing making sessions in the fall of 2013. The clothes made were modelled at the both the 2013/14 Red Road Gala’s as well as at the AWN Anniversary. Making traditional clothing has taken off in the community where we have had up to 70 outfits modelled at different fashion shows. We will have two upcoming fashion shows in the New Year. One will be at the Hinton Friendship Center in March and the other will be at Sheldon Coates School for Aboriginal Day in June. At each fashion show we have had 25-35 participants as young as two years old as well as including a local Elder in our community.

Traditional Dancing

In January of 2015 we will commence traditional dancing lessons at Tawow Center on Saturday afternoons. We have a local instructor, Alexandria Ceasar, who will be sharing Jingle dancing and Fancy dancing with interested girls and women in the community. 

Truth & Reconciliation Commission Presentation - Education Day

AWN was one of seven Indigenous communities across Canada selected to take part in a national research project exploring Indigenous legal traditions. The project “Accessing Justice and Reconciliation” was funded by the Ontario Law Foundation. Project partners included the Indigenous Legal Research Unit at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, the Indigenous Bar Association, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada [TRC]. More information and resources can be found on the project website


Due to their partnership in this project, the TRC asked AWN to present what Cree legal traditions can teach about reconciliation at the Education Day of the final TRC National Event, held in Edmonton on March 27, 2014. For months leading up to this event, Hadley Friedland (AJR Project) and Jaeda Feddema (AWN/Susa Creek School) worked together with the AWN Youth Council, interested AWN community members and the James Gang Drummers, on an interactive presentation for this event. The presentation demonstrated how Cree legal traditions can be applied to the work of reconciliation, through traditional ways of learning, including singing, story-telling, language, art and regalia.