Family Support Services

Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program is offered at The Tawow Centre by a Family Support Worker who aims to support children and families through times of need.  The program is offered to all residents of Grande Cache and the focus age group for children involved with the program is 0-11 years old and their parents/guardians.


The program aims to increase the protective factors within each family setting, encourage healthy family functioning, enhance resiliency and coping methods for children, provide parents with creative parenting techniques and strategies, and source families with goals to strive for and a sound support system.  The program runs from a strength-based approach and helps each family find and focus on the existing positive things in their life, and build from that. 


The services that are offered in this program include family support, home visitations, parent education workshops, Triple P Parenting workshops, information regarding childhood development, traditional parenting programs, active family programming, and referrals to other resources and supports.  Home visitations aim to provide parental support and mentoring opportunities, in hope of reinforcing skills and knowledge gained through parent education workshops.  The services are designed to fit each individual family in a unique way and help to create healthy interactions in the home and everyday life. 


If you are interested in this program or the services offered, contact the Family Support Worker at (780) 827-3324 or visit at The Tawow Centre.  The program accepts self-referrals as well as referrals from other agencies. 

The visions we offer our children shape the future.

                    - Carl Sagan