Our Elders

In our Elders, we trust.

"People had a yearly round dance to memorialize the death of one or more persons. A celebration was held because they wanted to let the spirits of the ones who have passed on, know that they are having fun by round-dancing with them."

                                              Dean Wanyandie

"We need to think of our children and grandchildren coming up, and need to do this so that they will have something."

                                                AWN Elder

"The land used to be so rich; hunting was good. Coal, gas, and trees have been taken. It's as if they could not see us."

                                                AWN Elder

"A long time ago, people worked together. Elders guided the ways of the people... life was good"

This page is dedicated to our Elders,

our mentors, our leaders.


Elders play a crucial role in the health of our communities. Elders are the gatekeepers of wisdom, knowledge and our history. Elders share their traditions, culture, values and lessons through role modeling, sharing stories and learning from them through hands on experiences.


Elders provide guidance, they are our leaders. They educate and advise our community on spiritual, traditional and community matters. Our elders plan ahead and consider the impacts on our youth and the future generations. 


"A long time ago, people worked together... Elders guided the ways of the people...life was good."

                                    AWN Elder

"We used to cut trails, clear brush. We took care of the land, and that was good." 

                                                    AWN Elder

Culture & Traditions: 


The water, air, plants, animals, and minerals all form part of our culture. We need herbs for medicines, places for ceremonies, animals for meat and hide, clean water and air to sustain ourselves. We must preserve the history, but more importantly, protect the land for our present and future use.


Culture defines who are people are and gives them unity and pride. Aboriginal people's culture is tied intrinsically to the natural world, to the hunting & gathering lifestyle. Traditionally, animals and plants were treated with respect, and we knew we had to take care of the land so there would always be enough for future generations. The Aseniwuche Winewak's most significant Culture & Traditions include:

Philomene Moberly
Norman McDonald
Marie McDonald
Dean Wanyandie
Lucy & Cathy
Norman McDonald
David & Tommy & Tom
Adelaide & Marie
Mike Moberly
Colin & Dean
Russell Wanyandie
Raymond Moberly
Old Man Mountain, Jasper
Adelaide McDonald
Ronnie & Emil
Joe Karakuntie