Our way of life had lasted sustainably for thousands of years. We were self reliant and independent.

Our Land:


Our people hold irreplaceable knowledge and skills that have been passed down generation to generation. It is a way of life that had lasted sustainably for thousands of years. Our people travelled extensively through our traditional land use area hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering. We worked hard not only to survive but to trade our furs and crafts. We fully participated in the traditional economy of the past two hundred years. We were self reliant and independent.


As a younger generation, we have both the fortune and misfortune of standing with a foot in two worlds: the world of our ancestors and the world of our children. As a community, we are blessed with leadership that has vision and a willingness to not only honor the past but look ahead. Our Elders and our leadership know and understand that to sharing our traditional knowledge is our gift and our obligation.


Our vision statement reflects our central value of preservation of the land. We depend on the land; it sustains us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The water, air, plants, animals, and minerals all form part of our culture. We need herbs for medicines, places for ceremonies, animals for meat and hide, and clean water and air to sustain ourselves.

November 2018 Updates


October had a decent amount of applications coming though the Consultation office. We have reviewed Oil and Gas projects for Husky Energy, GAIN Energy, 7Gen, Delphi, Shell Canada, Kicking Horse, Peyto Exploration, Tourmaline, Whitecap Resources, CNRL, ORLEN Upstream, Hammerhead Resources, Pembina Pipeline, Right Choice Camps, Jupiter Resources, Athabasca Oil, Dienerian Resources and ETO Energy. Mine exploration projects were reviewed for Alberta 2098849 (Echo), and forestry

Projects were reviewed for CANFOR.


Site visits are winding down for the year, with very few consultation visits being done in




AWN is attending the North American Caribou Workshop in October and will be doing a

poster presentation on the Caribou Patrol Program. The theme for this year is Working

Together and includes a lot of information from Indigenous groups.


If you would like to learn more about any of these projects or have any questions, please come to the AWN office and ask for Garry, Joe or Stephanie.


Environmental Advisory Committee

AWN is currently seeking 2-3 individuals who would be interested in participating on the EAC. If you are interested, please apply to the AWN Board of Directors by leaving your name and contact information at the AWN office. 

The committee meets quarterly.


There is a workshop for the EAC with Bruce Thompson on April 28th and 29th at the AWN office. 


For more information, contact Joey at (780) 827-5510

Caribou Patrol

Check out the facebook page @ or the website @ for updates or information.


Check out the web store to order your own Caribou Patrol t-shirts.



AWN Project Reviews

We are still bringing in traditional knowledge holders into our project and map review process. We feel it is helping to transfer the knowledge from Elders to other community members and to build an understanding of our review process. We are looking, in particular, for people who are very active on the land in the area, mainly with hunting, fishing and trapping activities.


If you are interested or have any questions, please give us a call at the office and ask for Jaymie, Garry, Joe or Stephanie.

Our Philosophies

Working together for greater stability and health, but encouraging independence

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