2017 Alberta Indigenous Games, Edmonton, Alberta

Gabe McDonald took part in the 2017 Alberta Indigenous Games on August 13-17, 2017. He was one of the golfers that got to play at the Rundle Park Golf Course. Gabriel earned a bronze medal in his division and was honoured with the Circle of Courage Award for Generosity!

The indigenous Games are a sporting event held every 2 years in Alberta that brings together indigenous Youth for a week of competition and culture. The games were founded by the late Allan Ross (1955 – 2015) who was both a teacher and coach working with many Aboriginal youth throughout his career. Ross based the philosophy of the games around the teachings of Dr. Martin Broken Leg’s “Circle of Courage” philosophy which consist of: Generosity, Independence, Belonging and Spirituality.

The Spirit of Generosity Award that Gabriel received recognizes an athlete that: Offers to help others, volunteers their time, is consistently and appreciative to officials, coaches, visitors and staff for the duration of their sporting event.

Congratulations Gabe! Great Job!

AWN and Canada to Start Negotiations

AWN’s first claim was dismissed from court in July 2016 when we lost the appeal that Canada and Alberta brought forward. They said we had broken a court rule by not moving our claim forward enough in the last three years. We started a new claim on March 24, 2017, which contains some of the same claims, but is more focused. Canada and Alberta have not filed any statements of defence against our claim. Canada has said that they want to negotiate a settlement with AWN and put the claim in abeyance. We are still waiting to hear from Alberta whether they will agree to the abeyance.

Q & A

Q: What is an abeyance?

A: An abeyance is an agreement between the parties to a court case to “pause” the court case for a certain length of time. It does not give up the claim or affect your legal rights. Once the “pause” is over the claim can continue.

Q: What will be discussed in the negotiations with Canada?

A: We don’t know exactly what will be discussed yet, but Canada has said it wants to talk about section 35 rights (Aboriginal or treaty rights) and AWN’s other interests.

Q: When will the negotiations start?

A: We are not sure. We hope to have our first meeting with Canada in September 2017.

Solar Panel Training and Installation

The Alberta Indigenous Solare Panel Program (AISP) is a $3 Million fund that provides grants to Alberta Indigenous communities or Indigenous organizations to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on community-owned or organization-owned facilities. The program supports solar power projects that assist in:

  • Increasing Indigenous participation in Climate Leadership initiatives that reduce community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;

  • The transition to a lower carbon economy;

  • Creating more sustainable, community-energy generation; and

  • Equipping Indigenous communities with information to support them in investing in solar energy infrastructure.


AWN has recruited 8 candidates for Solar Panel Installation Training. The students received one week of 8 hour classroom days of solar theory and received instruction in everything from what solar PV is to how to design, install and maintain the systems. They also completed safety training in First Aid/CPR and Fall Arrest. The next few weeks will consist of installing the panels on the roofs of the AWN Building, ADC Building and Tawow Centre. Community Members participating include; Kashtin Delorme, Allen Hutt, Brad Moberly, Darnell Moberly, John Moberly and Jonas Whitehorse.

Northland and GYPSD Buses

All Grande Cache Students Northlands and GYPSD will now be transported by GYPSD school busses.

The Cooperative Transportation Agreement is signed with Northland and effective this school year GYPSD will begin transporting all students who reside in the Northland and GYPSD attendance area. This means we will now be providing school bus transportation to/from Susa Creek school.

There will be two routes G01 (South) route and G02 (North) route. GYPSD is currently finalizing times and routes. All in town students must also register for the bus as well.

It is important all parents go online and register for the bus through the GYPSD website using the following link: http://www.gypsd.ca/routes-registration.php

If you have any further questions please call the transportation office at 780-723-6170 or 1-800-723-2564.




Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

To register students for the school bus, please contact Transportation Services at 780-723-6170 or 1-800-723-2564. Parents may also email inquiries to GYPSD.ca