Aseniwuche Winewak Nation

Consultation Intake Coordinator

Deadline To Apply: October 3, 2022 (scheduled start date)

Contract Type: Full-time

Position Overview:

Are you interested in serving your community? Do you have a passion for working to protect AWN’s traditional territory for yourself and future generations? Are you interested in a career focused on long-term community planning and indigenous resource management? We are seeking a dedicated Consultation Intake Coordinator to join the AWN Lands and Resources Department Consultation team. You will be responsible for being the first point of contact for regulated consultation activities within the traditional territory of the community. Primarily your role will be focused on ensuring that all proposed project applications and associated information has been properly received, recorded, and reviewed prior to further processing.

As the Intake Coordinator, your role is key in supporting AWN’s strategic objectives in restoring its jurisdiction and decision-making authority by implementing its own traditional land use management practices. Working with class professionals in the emerging space of restorative Indigenous Land Management, you will be pivotal in planning and providing support for documenting AWN oral systems of decision making, Indigenous permitting processes and developing protocols and processes which support the communities well being and protection of the land.

In addition to consultation application intake duties you will also be responsible for working with emerging community leaders and the Lands and Resources team in communicating with industry, government and community partners who have inquiries or information pertaining to consultation activities or proposed projects that impact AWN’s way of life.

If you are dedicated to working with your community to increase awareness and connection to the territory, this is an opportunity to consider. While your role will primarily be based in the office, there are many opportunities to work directly with Elders and community members to evolve and enhance the AWN Land and Resource team’s ability to enhance its technical capacity and manage its territory.


• Completing all consultation application paperwork and entering it manually in project files and digitally.
• Verifying all consultation project information is complete and prepared for Lands and Resource Team assessment for each proponent.
• Support in scheduling follow up assessments for desktop reviews, site visits with AWN Elders and Lands and Resources staff as well as closing Records of Consultation (RoCs)
• Supporting Land and Resource team in developing and implementing environmental and community based Traditional Land Use knowledge strategies and tactics.
• Assisting in documenting Elder oral history.
• Answering phone and email inquiries from proponents and AWN Lands and Resource partners.
• Performing administrative work, such as filing, copying, and emailing.
• Preparing and maintaining consultation files.
• Understanding and demonstrating compliance with AWN land management practices as well as the Alberta Consultation Office regulations and policies.


• High school diploma or GED
• Strong affinity for working directly for AWN
• Working knowledge of office management and filing systems
• Excellent organizational and time-management skills
• Great communication and interpersonal skills
• Proficient computer literacy and an ability to keep good research records
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to work with Elders and community members
• Speaking and understanding Cree is an asset
• Commitment to learning and restoring AWN traditional land management practices
• A heartfelt interest in AWN culture
• A familiarity with AWN traditional culture, systems of harvesting and traditional territory
• An ability or desire to learn how to read maps
• Attention to detail

Work Demands:

How To Apply:

All interested candidates should submit their resumes to or call Jason Veness at (780)-827-5510.