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Human Resources Manager

Deadline To Apply: Posted until filled

Contract Type: Full-time

Position Overview:

As a strategic business partner and a member of the leadership team of AWN Group of Companies, the Human Resources (HR) Manager is committed to maintaining a workplace where all individuals are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. The HR Manager contributes to the overall success of the organization by effectively managing human resources functions including recruitment and hiring; employee relations; engagement and recognition; performance management and compensation and supporting the benefits and training and development program. This role is also responsible for ensuring compliance with AWN Group of Companies’ human resources policies and procedures and with current governmental legislation including records maintenance requirements. The HR Manager plans, directs and coordinates day-to-day HR activities according to a Human Resources Plan and budget, prepared on a yearly basis.


  • Lead and/or coordinate human resources activities including internal and external recruitment, on-boarding, performance management and compensation.
  • Prepare, process, update and maintain employee-related documentation, including staffing, recruitment, job descriptions, training, grievances, individual performance evaluations, pay increases and leaves of absence.
  • Administer and coordinate compensation activities to ensure that individual employee performance is evaluated on a timely basis and employees are paid fairly according to AWN’s policies and procedures.
  • Update and develop programs, standard operating practices, onboarding and related orientation material consistent with AWN Policy.
  • Serve as a support for managers, supervisors and employees by interpreting and administering employment contracts; addressing HR questions and helping resolve work-related problems.
  • Lead the implementation and ongoing updating of the Employee and Family Assistance Program.   Offer confidential support to employees in accessing resources on personal/family health and wellness.
  • Liase with work specialists and supervisors, to facilitate dispute and disciplinary procedures, the attendance management program, drug and alcohol policy requirements, violence prevention and sexual harassment.
  • Assisting the ADC/AEC Board of Directors evaluate AWN Group of Companies’ policies and procedures and recommend updates and substantial changes.
  • Ensure that AWN HR policies and procedures, programs and standard operating practices are regularly communicated to managers, supervisors and employees.
  • Lead succession planning to Identify, develop, and track key individuals for advancement into key leadership positions.
  • Prepare reports and other information as may be required for presentation to the Leadership Team, the Board of Directors and external stakeholders.
  • Compliance with AWN Group of Companies’ HR policies, procedures and government legislation
  • Ensure compliance with government legislation and regulations in all matters related to employment, human rights and privacy throughout AWN Group of Companies.
  • Champion human resource processes through role modeling and holding managers, supervisors, employees accountable to all HR expectations, including training requirements.
  • Advise and coach managers and supervisors on related policies, procedures, and legal requirements.
  • Coordinate the training of managers and supervisors pertaining to employee health and wellness (ex. AWN’s Attendance Management Program) to ensure that the Leadership Team is knowledgeable in the handling of issues impacting employee attendance.
  • Coordinate the return to duty requirements for non-work-related injuries or illnesses (ex, Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure requirements).       
  • Support managers and supervisors in providing corrective action and/or discipline to their employees in a fair, timely and respectful manner.
  • Lead and/or participate in Leadership and Board of Directors’ meetings, as required.
  • Strategic business partner for the AWN Group of Companies and the Board of Directors.
  • Lead the Strategic and Business Planning Initiatives.
  • Prepare reports and other information as may be required for presentation to the Leadership Team, the Board of Directors and external stakeholders.
  • Offer advice and guidance on business matters, including HR strategies, policies and procedures as well as operational management as it pertains to human resources management. 
  • Participate in the implementation of change initiatives throughout the company and champion initiatives to improve and/or maintain the organization’s goal of being an Employer of Choice.  
  • Offer additional support to the Board of Directors as required.



Develop and implement an annual Human Resources Plan and budget, as approved.

Review and recommend timely changes to the Board of Directors regarding the organization’s human resources policies procedures to comply with all applicable legislation.

Fulfill internal and external reporting requirements in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Ensure that all human resources activities are compliant with organizational HR policies and procedures and governmental legislation.



Hire and terminate employees as per established policies and procedures.  

Recommend promoting and changing the compensation and/or duties of employees.

Develop and recommend changes to human resources policies and procedures.

Take all reasonable action and use discretion when necessary to carry out position responsibilities so long as such action does not deviate from established policies or conflict with sound business judgment.


  • Post-secondary Human Resource Management degree or diploma or equivalent experience.
  •  5+ years of progressive human resources experience at a management level.
  • Experience in developing an annual HR Plan and budget.
  • Excellent PC skills as well as email, internet knowledge and general accounting software.
  • Certificate of Professional Membership to the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) is an asset.  
  • Knowledge of the Cree language and/or culture is an asset.
  • Develops and maintains working relationships based on mutual trust and accountability with managers, supervisor and employees within the organization to achieve HR goals.
  • Takes personal ownership for the results, quality and timeliness of their work and that of the Leadership Team.
  • Meets HR goals through responsible stewardship of fiscal and human resources.
  • Adapts to and works with a variety of situations, individuals and groups by addressing problems and opportunities, drawing on own experience, and calling on other resources as necessary.
  • Consistently delivers required business results in alignment with organizational goals by setting and achieving objectives in compliance with HR policies and procedures and governmental legislation.
  • Demonstrates compassion to the needs, welfare, dignity and feelings of others by listening, understanding and respecting opinions, perspectives and motivations.
  • Effectively manages the time, resources and priorities by ensuring that work is completed efficiently and meeting short- and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Keeps the organization’s vision, mission, values and reputation at the forefront of decision-making and action.
  • Demonstrates ability to work with confidential information.

Work Demands:

How To Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to, attn: Brenda Landry.