Our Communities

In the old days, we had Cree names for most of the places in our territory. 

We have inhabited this land  for a long time.

Co-operatives & Enterprises:

The seven parcels of land total 4150 acres. The land is held communally by members with either an elected Board of Directors or Managing Director. Each Cooperative and Enterprise holds fee simple title to the parcels of land and has the legal authority to manage their own affairs. AWN works and consults on behalf of each community to ensure a balance between individual groups and the larger community as a whole.

  • Wanyandie Flats Cooperative

  • Joachim Enterprise

  • Victor Lake Cooperative

  • Kamisak Enterprise

  • Susa Creek Cooperative

  • Muskeg See Pee Cooperative


Current Lands


In the 1970’s, Alberta organized our People into cooperatives and enterprises to transfer ‘fee simple’ title of communal lands. Alberta subsequently filed caveats on the titles to protect our land from being sold and developed without government approval. We are unable to build equity in our own land or make basic decisions about its development. This unusual agreement creates many of the problems we face today.


When someone moved someplace, everyone in the community would help them pack and unpack the horses and teepees. When someone approached, they greeted them. When someone came to visit, they would feed the people and serve them tea or coffee. People would call each other brother or sister, not by their given names. 

                                               Ernie Delorme

Victor Lake