Vision & Mission

​AWN shall work to build healthy communities and healthy individuals by providing representation, leadership, programs, and services to meet the identified needs of the members of AWN.


Our Mission
Our Values Principles & Objectives
Our Vision

"As caretakers of the Earth we commit to

work together: in unity, in faith, for life."


The Aseniwuche Winewak Nation success can be traced back to adherence and respect of its core values. The values were identified and ratified by the community, the Board of Directors and the Elder’s Council as being the foundation and motivation of the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation.

Preservation and Protection of the Land: We are caretakers of the environment.

Integrity: We work with the highest level of integrity in all areas.

Unity: We strive for unity among our members and members of the larger community.

Common Good: We work for the common good of all our members.

The People: Elders are the keepers of our language and culture, and our children are the future.

Our Philosophies

Working together for greater stability and health, but encouraging independence

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