Our Youth

Nikan Ote Okimawuk ~ Tomorrow’s Leaders

"We need to think of our children and grandchildren coming up, and need to do this so that they will have something."

We cannot return to a time when all we needed were our traditional skills to survive. Today we need technical skills, communication skills, management skills, and development skills to raise our community up. As one community member puts it, “We went from the stone age to the computer age in thirty years.” Our youth are our hope and our future. With our support they can gain these skills and provide the valuable resources we need to help our community.


AWN supports initiatives such as the Alberta's Future Leaders (AFL), Aboriginal Forest Rangers (AJFR), Green Team, and Aboriginal Youth Council to help our youth gain the necessary skills they need to succeed in today’s world and that of tomorrow.

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Junior Forest Rangers (JFR)

Our Philosophies

Working together for greater stability and health, but encouraging independence

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